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My experience building a 3d Printer

Times are changing

So when I started building my 3d printer, I had an idea of what 3d printers were, and how they could be useful. However, after finishing it I have come to the realisation that 3d printers are so much more, there is nothing like the feeling of power, of seeing an object from a film or TV show and then just deciding lets build that object. Then, 5 hours later you have it in your hands. Calling it a 3d printer for me is too simplistic, since printers to me just creates objects to be viewed but a 3d printers on the other hand can create objects that can be interacted with. I prefer the term 3d fabricator, which has the added bonus of sounding like it is straight from a sci-fi film.

Building a 3d printer was remarkably easy for me at least there was no direct soldering, but a lot of bug testing when I thought I had finished the build.

I can 100% see a more refined version in many peoples houses in a few years. A 3d printer is such a practical object with so many applications. I found out the other day I that the international space station has now installed a 3d printer, so they don’t need to wait for supplies to install new hardware.



As it currently stands 3d printers have a few limitations. They are big and noisy; they often require a lot of technical knowledge. They also, have a few material limitations plastics are currently the easiest the the most commonly available specifically, PLA and ABS. However, for wood and other materials it will might require a more specialised extruder head which can add the the already high costs of a 3d printer.

All things considered, it was worth me it was interesting peak inside the 3d printing world, and I hope to see lots more development in the future.

Here is a video of my 3d printer building the Gherkin.